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All businesses have legal needs. Whether it is determining how to protect yourself and your assets from potential creditors, ensuring you get the best contract terms, or helping you solve the problems that every business invariably face.

Your business needs someone you can trust, and work with to proactively help minimize the risks you and your business faces.

We provide advice and legal counsel to small businesses and entrepreneurs. Our focus is on helping business owners deal with the day-to-day legal issues they face. These issues may include dealing with employees, responding to government agencies, drafting or reviewing contracts and other written documents, or selling your business. At The Law Office of Timothy J. Hacking our goal is to understand your legal needs and advise the best course of action to achieve your desired outcome. We act as your partner to swiftly and thoroughly review and resolve issues so you can move forward.

We will be your advocate, your advisor, and your voice. Whether you are a small business owner or an officer of a large corporation you can be confident in the depth and competence of our services. We will act as your advisor, negotiator, mediator, partner, and protector. You expect experience, professionalism, and know-how, and we provide it.

When you partner with the Law Office of Timothy J. Hacking for your legal needs, you become part of a network of support, service, and expertise. We take your legal issues seriously and do our best to meet your expectations head on.

Choice of Entity and Formation

The decisions you make when your start your business can have far-reaching implications. Choosing the structure in which your business will operate is an important first step in positioning yourself for success. The Law Office of Timothy J. Hacking will counsel with you to understand the nature of your business, the transactions you will make, the assets involved, and your long-term plans in order to recommend the best choice of entity option for you.

Contract Evaluation and Formation

Well-developed and well-evaluated contracts are often key in providing you with the confidence you need to move forward. In addition to contract drafting, we can review or revise your existing contracts to ensure someone is looking out for your best interest.

Whether your agreements concern service, suppliers, purchase or acquisition, or joint venture agreements, the Law Office of Timothy J. Hacking can help you get it right. We’ll guide you through initial negotiations to the final signatures and help you to create contracts and agreements that allow you to operate with confidence.

General Counsel

Small businesses need trusted legal advice just as much as large corporations do. Hiring us to be outside general counsel for your business is a cost effective way to ensure you have a lawyer you can turn to whenever any legal issue comes up. The Law Office of Timothy J. Hacking is prepared to be your partner and act as your General Counsel when one is required.

Commercial Litigation

Not all business disputes are best resolved by juries; but companies represented by experienced and talented trial lawyers unquestionably obtain the best results in litigation. Skilled and experienced in strategically handling business disputes, the Law Office of Timothy J. Hacking has enjoyed success in the courtroom. Our practical courtroom experience also informs our analysis of complex disputes and the case-specific strategies we collaboratively develop with our clients at the outset of each representation.

Employment & Labor Law

Whether your business is large or small, or you are a municipality or private employer, you deal with employee-related legal issues on a day-to-day basis. The Law Office of Timothy J. Hacking is here to guide you through the wide range of intricate employer/employee issues.

Our goal is to assist clients in avoiding problems and litigation through proper preparation and communication. We will help create and review employee handbooks and policies, handle employee complaints concerning discrimination or harassment before they become official charges, properly train employees and supervisors on policies, and answer your questions about subjects such as accommodating the needs of a disabled employee (ADA) or issues related to the Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA). We will put our knowledge and experience to work for you to preemptively avoid problems and minimize disruption.

We can also help you better protect your business long-term by drafting and reviewing non-compete and nondisclosure agreements.

Policy and Handbook Revisions

Our extensive experience working with employers across many industries in drafting and reviewing policies and handbooks enables us to put practical expertise and best practices to work for you. We are skilled in the practice of drafting and reviewing employee handbooks with an eye toward clearly presenting policies and procedures in a way employees understand and one that best protects you as an employer.

Regulatory Compliance

When you need the specialized advice of regulatory compliance experts, trust the experience of the Law Office of Timothy J. Hacking to advise you in all aspects of regulatory compliance.

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