When you are owed a debt you want to take action and make a complete recovery. An experienced lawyer can help you with every aspect of your debt collection, from obtaining judgments to enforcing liens.

The Law Office of Timothy J. Hacking is a full service collection and creditor’s right law firm specializing in consumer and commercial collections. We strive for quick and efficient recovery of your delinquent accounts and most of the time will work on a contingency basis. We have several security measures in place to keep your accounts protected and secure.

Our firm represents small and large businesses from medical and dental practices to leading credit card companies and banks. We provide quick, efficient and cost effective recovery methods.

Once you place your accounts with us they are acknowledged and a demand letter is made at once. We maintain a personal working relationship with every client.

Settlements are accepted only with your approval and legal actions are initiated only with your authorization.

The team at the Law Office of Timothy J. Hacking has over 35 years of combined experience helping creditors throughout the state of Ohio. We understand how to facilitate successful debt collection from beginning to end. We provide legal assistance throughout the debt recovery process, from the preparation and submission of demand letters to making telephone inquiries, and the filing of a lawsuit to the securing of a judgment. We will also assist you with any post-judgment remedies that may be available.

The Broad Spectrum of Debt Collection

There are several different options at your disposal for maximizing your recovery in the debt collection process. We will take an in-depth look at your specific situation in order to determine which strategy works best for you. From working out repayment agreements to:
• Enforcing of Contracts

• Obtaining Judgments

• Executions

• Garnishments

• Repossession

• Mechanic's Liens

• Contractor’s Liens

In addition we are experienced in assisting clients in all types of loan enforcement, contract disputes, foreclosures, leases, and landlord tenant disputes. Whether you’re a large financial institution pursuing payment for loans in default or an individual or small company looking to recover from a debtor, we offer our collection and enforcement know-how to successfully resolve your case.
• Retail

• Commercial

• Credit Card

• Bad Check Recovery

• Judgment Recovery

• Medical & Dental Debts

Fees can be set up on an hourly basis or as a percentage of the amount recovered.

Litigation and Defense

At the Law Office of Timothy J. Hacking we have experience in defending FDCPA actions and other collection related cases. We have served as the corporate compliance adviser for a national debt buyer, providing defense and consultation on claims against the company. Our knowledge and experience in creditors' rights allows us to represent you as plaintiffs or defendants in litigation, as well as to offer advice on other business-related issues. We understand the issues at hand and apply our trial and appellate court experience to your individual situation. We will keep you informed during the pendency of the case and will discuss all options along the way.

The Law Office of Timothy J. Hacking provides legal representation in the following areas:

Compliance/Defense Litigation

• Consumer Leasing Act

• Consumer Sales Practices Act

• Fair Debt Collection Practices Act

• Lending Issues Compliance

• Truth in Lending Act

• Fair Credit Reporting Act