In a contested divorce case the issues cannot be resolved between the parties and the case needs to be heard by a judge after the proper discovery and depositions of the parties and witnesses has taken place. At your initial consultation, Attorney Timothy Hacking will meet with you and discuss the facts, circumstances and issues involved in your divorce case. After proper consultation, Attorney Hacking will advise on the best course of action considering the law and the best interest of yourself and more importantly your children, as well as your goals and objectives in pursuing your case. The Law Office of Timothy Hacking provides aggressive, knowledgeable, honest and compassionate representation. Attorney Timothy Hacking practices in the Painesville and surrounding jurisdictions in North East Ohio.


In an uncontested divorce or dissolution, the parties agree on all of the issues including child custody, child support, parenting time and division of assets and debts. The Law Office of Timothy Hacking offers flat fee pricing for Dissolution and on a limited scope representation matters to prepare the paperwork only and the client appears at their own hearing.
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