Family Law

Family Law

The Law Office of Timothy J. Hacking provides the knowledge, skill, creativity, and personal attention that our clients need to successfully resolve legal issues that occur in family disputes and domestic matters. Legal problems arising out of family disputes can be confusing and fraught with emotional issues that are often difficult to manage without a perceptive lawyer employing tactful yet vigorous representation.

The Law Office of Timothy J. Hacking works with clients to understand their unique situations, goals, and needs. We focus on what is in the best interest of the client—in both the short and long term—and do everything possible to maintain the client’s legal rights. We work to help clients solve their problems and move on with their lives.

When seeking to solve family law issues, litigation is not the only option available to our clients. We recommend using Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) when possible and appropriate. ADR methods include negotiation, mediation, collaborative law process, and arbitration. ADR allows clients to resolve their legal problems in a more timely and efficient manner with less of the emotional stress often found in family law issues.

The Law Office of Timothy J. Hacking has a broad practice in Family Law. Our firm’s wide range of experience includes juvenile issues of abuse, neglect, and delinquency to divorce, custody proceedings, and pre-nuptial agreements. Our Law Office realizes drawn-out litigation can be not only time consuming but expensive; we work efficiently to resolve cases in a way that best suits each of our client’s interests.

Our Law Firm offers legal services and counsel in every area affecting families including:



Child Support






Parent-time and Visitation

Prenuptial and Premarital Agreements

Property and Asset Division

Protective Orders

Qualified Domestic Relations Orders

Spousal Support

Surrogacy Agreements

Juvenile Court Abuse and Neglect

If you are a parent charged with abuse, neglect, or dependency let our Law Office partner with you to avoid a drawn out legal battle. With a former full time Guardian ad Litem, and our experienced defense attorney, we are able to draw on a wide range of experience to actively pursue and obtain the best results for you. We will be your advocate through the entire process starting with the initial investigation by Child Protective Services (CPS), onto allegations by the Division of Child and Family Services (DCFS), and defense of charges.

Juvenile Delinquency

When your child has a run-in with the law, you need an experienced attorney you can trust. Our Law Office has handled a range of cases dealing with minors who have been charged with offenses.

Pre-Marital and Divorce Proceedings

Divorce proceedings can be stressful. Let the Law Office of Timothy J. Hacking guide you through this intricate and sensitive process. Our law firm has experience with cases surrounding the identification of assets, division of property, protecting inherited or separate property, alimony, custody, and child support. We work to ensure your property, owned or inherited prior to the marriage; remains protected, and will actively pursue the other party involved to obtain the best settlement possible for you. We are your advocate; we are your partner.

Mediation and Arbitration

When you seek an alternative to litigation, the Law Office of Timothy J. Hacking has the experience you need to seek the resolution you want. Our Law Firm has extensive experience mediating and arbitrating a broad range of disputes; from divorce proceedings and custody disputes to juvenile abuse and neglect claims, we have the know-how required to successfully argue on your behalf.

Our broad range of expertise gives you an advantage in preparing for your dispute resolution as we draw on that experience to set proper and reasonable baselines for acceptable settlements prior to the actual mediation experience. We will aggressively seek the resolution that is considered the most successful to you.
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